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What Causes a Pinched Nerve?

Here at Club Chiropractic, your affordable Greensboro chiropractor, we treat a lot of patients that complain of having a pinched nerve in their lower back or neck. The patients are always asking “Doc, what causes this pinched nerve?”


The Spine

First of all, in looking at the model of the spine, you will see 2 vertebrae. In between the vertebrae are soft jelly pads called “disc pads’. A nerve comes out of the vertebrae and continues on down into the lower back and to the leg.



In addition, sometimes the joint behind the nerve becomes mis-aligned and put pressure on the back side of the nerve. As a result, the nerve is pinched, resulting in pain that many of our patients are speaking of. Additionally,  the disc pads “bulge” causing pressure against the nerve. We call these “subluxations” and they can cause tremendous pain.


In conclusion, we find that routine chiropractic adjustments can prevent these subluxations from happening. As a result, we can control and prevent the pinched nerve pain that so many people suffer from.


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