How to Relieve Hiccups by Dr. Steve Crealese

This week Dr. Steve Crealese spoke on a topic which is relatively simple when compared to the many complexities of chiropractic care, the hiccups. “We all get them,” Dr. Crealese explains. The challenge, though, is how do we get rid of them.  Some say, “Hang upside down and hold your breathe.” Others insist fright will scare them out of you. Or even your grandma’s wise method, “mix sugar with water and drink until you cannot drink any more.” No matter the remedy, it is difficult to fix a problem unless you understand why it became a problem in the first place.

The hiccups are ultimately caused by an irritation in the esophagus. This irritation interrupts air flow which forces the body to react with a ‘hiccup’ sound. And while these hiccups can sometimes be very difficult to get rid of, Dr. Crealese believes he has uncovered the most effective method to make them disappear.

First, begin with a deep breathe in. This deep breathe will depress the diaphragm muscle, pressing down on the stomach and stretching your esophagus. The next step is to simply swallow. You will be able to feel the air travel down, and into, the stomach. It’s that simple! The method is proven to be effective, however, it may take a couple attempts in order for the hiccups to completely disappear.

Not all irregularities within the body are serious, or life-threatening, however, they can be distracting. That being said, it is important for us to understand both how our body works and why it works the way it does. Knowing something as simple as how to cure your hiccups, may not seem like much, yet, it could be your next step towards living a life full of health and wellness.

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August 6, 2018 at 1:32 pm

What about a person that has hiccups for the past 2 years ?

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