Chiropractic Care in Greensboro: Introductory Offer: Consultation, Exam and First Adjustment for $29 - No Copays, No Hassles

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Chiropractic Care for EveryBODY

Chiropractic for EveryBODY means no co-pays and no hassles! Now everybody in your family can afford to have the kind of health care they deserve – including adjustments, massage therapy, decompression therapy and hydro massage. Yes, even Mom and the kids too!


Club Chiropractic offers convenient, quality chiropractic care in a warm and relaxing environment. No more waiting around for a couple of days to feel better. No appointment required, we will see you on your own schedule! After your initial exam, simply walk-in on your own schedule, sign-in at our kiosk and request the service you are wanting on that visit. Of course, you’re also invited to make an appointment by calling 336.303.1512 here but it’s not required. No one is ever turned away.


At Club Chiropractic, we believe that consistent, routine chiropractic care promotes a healthy lifestyle and can provide relief from certain chronic illnesses and ailments. We believe that wellness is not just for those who can afford it or for those who have time for it.  Now everyBODY in the family can afford chiropractic care! This includes the expectant mother-to-be and the teenage athlete too. All that is required is an initial exam for $29, then a monthly membership package that starts as low as $69/mo. With 4 services per month, this brings your adjustments down to as little as $17.25! In fact, all of our packages are centered around healing faster and increased overall wellness.


At Club Chiropractic,  expect a different experience than what you are used to. Chiropractic care and massage therapy all in one place. No need to go to different offices. Need an adjustment? Simply walk in and see the doctor. Prefer a massage? Henry Dixon, our licensed massage therapist at The Massage Station, will see you next.


The first step toward healthy living is having a healthy spine.  Routine and consistent care of the spine can provide relief from certain illnesses and ailments. This is where your Membership Package is the most helpful. With at least 4 adjustments per month, a healthy spine is just around the corner! Additionally, consistent, habitual chiropractic care helps to prevent injury and illness also. Combine this with a tailored made diet and exercise regime and enjoy our healthy lifestyle! If you are experiencing any  ailments on a regular basis, consider regular, consistent chiropractic care! Our licensed chiropractors with over 30 years of experience promote ongoing wellness by improving spinal and joint function. This results in a healthier, more active lifestyle. In conclusion, regular adjustments are vital for keeping your body balanced, flexible and functioning at its best.

CALL US NOW at 336.303.1512 to claim your initial offer of $29 for your first exam, consultation and adjustment. We are located at 1603 Battleground Avenue in Greensboro (across from Kickback Jack’s).